Chaotic scenes at supermarkets in France after chain offers 70% discount on Nutella


Ferrero, Nutella’s producer, in a statement distanced itself from the incident. (File photo)

A promotional event by a local French supermarket chain witnessed chaos as shoppers made a dash to lay their hands on a jar of Nutella. Why? Because the store was offering a heavy discount of 70 per cent on the product! Customers were seen scrambling across the stores, shoving other shoppers out of the way, to grab as many jars as possible, reported The Associated Press. There were even fights reported from some stores.

The Intermache chain, which launched its campaign on Thursday, had reduced the price of each jar from 4.70 euros ($5.85) to 1.41 ($1.75). Ferrero, Nutella’s producer, in a statement, distanced itself from the incident calling it the decision of the French supermarket and terming the turn of events as ‘regrettable’.

Ferrero’s statement said: “We want to clarify that the decision for the special offer was taken unilaterally by Intermarche, we regret the consequences of this operation, which created confusion and disappointment in the consumers’ minds,” reported AP. The supermarket chain did not comment on the incident.

However, several supermarkets reported that no similar incidents took place in their stores. Stocks of the discounted chocolate and hazelnut Nutella jars, which were to last until Saturday, were sold out sooner than expected.

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